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Spare parts

Genuine, OEM or aftermarket spare parts
When your car parts break down and need to be replaced, what type of replacement offers the best value and quality.

The different types of spare parts;

An original part is the exact same part that was in your car when it came out of the factory. It comes in a box with the car manufacturer logo, so you might think that your car manufacturer made it. In reality, it was a different company that made them although they have the brand’s logo. These are the most expensive types of spare parts that you can buy mainly because you pay for the logo.

OEM (original equipment manufacturer)
These are made by genuine manufacturing equipment. These parts are manufactured by the company that manufactures the original car parts. They are exactly the same accessories as your cars original ones. They just don't have the car manufacturer's mark on them. They are exactly the same as the original accessories but at a much better price.

Aftermarket spare parts
Aftermarket spare parts are made by a company other than the certified manufacturer. These components are made to fit and work just as well, if not better, than the original parts.

Rebuilt parts
A rebuilt part is essentially a used part that has had its individual components replaced. It has been tested and verified in order to make sure that it works just as well as a new part.

Refurbished parts
Refurbished parts are used parts that have been cleaned and may have had some of their components replaced, such as bolts or O-rings. They are much cheaper than new spare parts. However they are used components and have some level of wear.

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