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Εngine conversion to LPG / CNG

LPG is a good solution for economical transportation, but installation requires special attention.

The most important thing is to choose an authorized and reliable workshop for the safe conversion of our gasoline-powered car to a gas-powered one like Mykonos Car Service.

Installation costs have reduced in price while conversion kits differ in quality to a great extent. The economic interest of the driver can exceed 40% in price over gasoline; therefore we should not resort to cheaper, unreliable solutions. The fact that LPG/CNG engine conversion is dangerous to an engine is false.

The profit is not only economical, but with LPG/CNG conversions, we provide longer engine life with cleaner combustions with less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

At Mykonos Car Service you will find a certified LPG/CNG conversion shop. With knowledge, experience and a written guarantee you will be certain you made the right choice.