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Air Conditioning Maintenance

During the hot  Greek summer and especially in conditions like those in Mykonos, your car's air conditioning is really being tested. Maintenance, inspection and proper operation of your air conditioner is essential. At Mykonos Car Service we will inform you of the proper operation of your air conditioner and will carry out the necessary work, if deemed necessary, to keep the cabin of your vehicle to the desired safe environment.

The work and checks carried out are:

  • Topping up (if required) coolant.
  • Air condition inspection
  • Lubricant replacement using a special fluid for leaks.
  • Control and adjustment of the air conditioning belt
  • Air conditioner disinfection
  • Leak inspection
  • Performance test
  • Cabin Filter inspection

With responsibility and professionalism we guarantee you a clean, desirable environment in the cabin of your car.